About US


At IDI, we celebrate the unique style and vibrant spirit of women through our apparel. Our designs feature a natural color palette, vintage prints, original washes, tie-dyes, and exciting silhouettes that evoke emotions and positive energy. We use only the finest, natural, and breathable materials, such as 100% cotton, cotton mix, and rayon mix, to create our signature patterns and prints. Our innovative and fresh designs showcase the individuality, comfort, and active lifestyle of each woman who wears our garments.

Matthew Hekmatniaz, the founder, and lead designer of IDI Clothing, draws inspiration from nature, patterns, and everyday life to create fashion tops, bottoms, dresses, and specialty categories that embody style, comfort, and versatility. He has been in the fashion industry for over 36 years and has also created other successful brands like TRYST and Split Personality. Matthew's key to designing has been to observe and learn from nature, finding textures, colors, and shapes that inspire him.

At IDI, we believe in supporting local designers and manufacturing, and our team is made up of talented individuals who share our passion for creating high-quality, unique apparel. We are proud to produce almost all of our garments in the US and have established successful partnerships with major department stores and big chain retailers over the past 37 years. Our personal goal is to connect with each woman directly through our online shop and provide them with garments that they can enjoy for years to come.